We are so excited to share the next stage of the VIP BBB journey with you, we’ve got so much planned to help you improve your business and help more families carry.
Included is:
    • Weekly LIVEs covering a range of topics designed to improve your business
    • Follow Up tasks for each LIVE for you to action right away and start making an impact
  • A small, inclusive community filled with care and support
  • Access to our Instagram PODS to boost your organic impressions
  • A safe space for you to ask for help, vent your frustrations and share your emotions
  • Monthly Social Media content planner
  • Exclusive retailer discounts with big name brands
  • Monthly stock images for you to use for your brand
  • Science Saturday where the latest scientific research is disseminated for you to share
Membership is via PayPal subscription and pricing is as follows:
  • £10 individual
  • £15 joint (2 members of same library/consultancy)
  • £20 trio (3 members of same library/consultancy)
You will also have first refusal for your place in the group at the end of each term.
Subscription Options